Finis Rapid Monofin

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  • Finis Rapid Monofin (1.35.003 )
  • Finis Rapid Monofin (1.35.003 )
  • Finis Rapid Monofin (1.35.003 )
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Finis Rapid Monofin

The Rapid monofin is a recreational monofin designed for teenagers and adults. The patented large single-blade teaches swimmers a proper undulation in the water, while obtaining a great core and leg workout. The Rapid's flexible blade makes swimming more enjoyable as users can swim at greater speeds and depths. The Rapid is a versatile monofin that can be used in a pool, lake or ocean and comes with adjustable heel straps that can be fitted to various sizes. The Rapid also comes with quick-release foot strap that provide added safety in the water. One size only: Fits men sizes 8 - 12 and women sizes 9 - 13. 


  • FLEXIBLE BLADE: Makes swimming more fun and enjoyable while obtaining a great core and leg workout
  • SINGLE BLADE DESIGN: Encourages proper kick undulation needed for an efficient dolphin kick
  • STABILITY RIDGE: Built for proper flexion and speed; Technique channels control the flex of the fin
  • RECREATIONAL MONOFIN: Designed for teenagers and adults (US Male 8-12, US Female 9-13, EURO 40-46); Open toe and heel design fits a wide range of foot sizes
  • QUICK RELEASE: Strap configuration allows feet to be quickly removed from fin for safety

Item # 1.35.003

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