Our Story

Sports and Physical Education has been a big part of my life since I was a child.  In elementary school I looked forward to playing Tetherball, Kickball and Dodgeball on the playground with my friends. Being out in the sun and being challenged brought out the best in me and I was forever hooked. It was my dream to one day become a professional Dodgeball player. Oh those dreams of youth!

In the 6th grade, when the reality of a career in Dodge ball was dashed, I began to play goalkeeper on a local soccer team. I was quick and skinny with a good set of hands, but was best known for the ability to really fly when I dove. I continued to play through high school, college and on select club teams for many years, and loved every minute of it. I played until a serious eye injury in college ended my soccer career for good. Another dream was shattered.


In my mid-twenties I began to lift weights, and worked in the fitness industry selling treadmills, gym machines and other exercise-related equipment.  It was here that I made many of my closest friends that I am proud to say are still near-and-dear to me to this day.  It was also one of these friends that years later invited my wife and I to partner-up with him and start an athletic equipment company.  Of course we jumped at the chance!


 We started Athletic Stuff in late 1999 and have never looked back. Athletic Stuff is located in Paso Robles, near the heart of California's central coast with Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. Athletic Stuff was created to address the athletic equipment needs of schools, teams, government institutions and quality conscious individuals.

 Our goal was to bring industry low prices, a large selection of quality products and outstanding customer service to our customers. We built our first website in early 2000 with this in mind. Unlike the large, faceless companies who dominated the industry years ago, we take care of our customers one at a time, with friendly, personalized service that you can count on. We now proudly serve many thousands of loyal customers nationwide and would be honored to serve you.


 Here at Athletic Stuff we offer high quality athletic, recreation and physical education equipment which have been designed for heavy use in institutional and home settings. We personally select each product to make sure you receive the best value in the industry.

We then price our products to industry-low levels to help you stretch your budget. We hope you enjoy your visit and check back with us often; we are constantly adding products and specials to provide you with the best shopping experience possible.


 I'd like to think that the child I was back in elementary school would be happy to know that although he would not grow up to become a professional Dodgeball or Soccer player, he would one day grow up to supply the same sports equipment he grew up with to others with their own sports dreams. To be a part of that, to me, is pretty special. This is our passion and we love what we do.

Reach for your dreams and enjoy your game!

Jason Hatch
Athletic Stuff




 "Taking Your Game to a Higher Level Since 1999"