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Champro Sports Weighted Training Baseball Set

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 Tools such as these allow athletes to train more precisely for their sport. Sport-specific strength and power are developed by movements with resistance or assistance that imitate the joint action of the skill - specific resistance training.

What makes this type of training so effective is that the weights of the modified tools used are heavy enough to produce a conditioning effect, yet light enough to not adversely affect the athlete's mechanics.  

The use of Over/Under method is used primarily to produce increased power in throws as well increase velocity.  The Champro Weighted Training Baseballs have white stitch pattern thus allowing the users to monitor pitch rotation.  Each ball has stitched color coded leather cover. 

This Baseball Training Set includes 1 of each of the following: 

7 oz Baseball (Red)

8 oz Baseball (Purple)

9 oz Baseball (Green)

10 oz Baseball (Blue)

11 oz Baseball (Yellow)

12 oz Baseball (Black)

 Item# CBB7S 

Warning: Weighted training balls are intended to be used with caution in a supervised muscle development program. As with any physical activity injuries may occur. Even when used properly is a certain degree of risk. Weighted balls should not be hit with a bat or thrown to another player. They should only be thrown into screens or used for stretching exercises. The manufacturer or seller can assume no responsibility for injuries resulting from the use of weighted training balls.

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